Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mac Lethal - 11:11 [2007]

11:11 is Kansas City resident Mac Lethal's first and only official studio album released. It is also his only release on the Rhymesayers label. 11:11 is primarily a working class-type album, with lots of shout-outs to Kansas City. Its a unique style, see the video below to see if you like it or not. I really enjoy almost all of this album.

1. "Backward"
2. "Calm Down Baby"
3. "Rotten Apple Pie"
4. "Make Out Bandit"
5. "Pound That Beer"
6. "Jihad!"
7. "Crazy (Perfectly Content)"
8. "Know It All"
9. "Sledgehammer"
10. "Die Slow"
11. "Lithium Lips"
12. "Tell Me Goodbye"
13. "Sun Storm"
 13b. "11 Out of 10" (Hidden Track)

11:11 [Explicit]

Calm Down Baby:


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