Saturday, April 16, 2011

Atmosphere - Family Sign [2011]

Here is the Minnesota duo's 7th studio album for you all to enjoy. Carrying on with the theme that To All My Friends... and When Life Gives You Lemons.. created, Slug wrote these rhymes in the same dark, down to earth way that he always has. give it a listen.

1) My Key
2) The Last to Say
3) Became
4) Just For Show
5) She’s Enough
6) Bad Bad Daddy
7) Millenium Dodo
8) Who I’ll Never Be
9) I Don’t Need Brighter Days
10) Ain’t Nobody
11) Your Name Here
12) If You Can Save Me Now
13) Something So
14) My Notes

The first video from the album; Just For Show:

The Family Sign [Explicit]

For those without money:

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