Saturday, April 16, 2011

Marv Ellis - Dream Catcher Juice [2008]

The first time I heard a song off this album was one of those "holy shit" moments. The fact that I found a song i liked so much by someone i had never even heard of on a list of rappers or anything was amazing. Although Marv Ellis himself doesn't like the label "underground", this album is pretty damn underground. And really good.

01  The Grind To Paradise
02  Dream Catcher Juice
03  Explosive Speech
04  Lonely Streets
05  Outside Looking In Ft. Lafa Taylor
06  Contact Ft. Keegn Smith
07  Young Love
08  Parallel Carousels
09  Agony Speaks
10  All I See Is Up
11  Swagger Back Ft. Papa Soul
12  The Moon and Its Sun Ft. Metric
13  Astrouauts When Weightless
14  Lucid Dreams
15  Water and Oil
16  Uncitional Love Ft AM Radio

Dream Catcher Juice

Lonely streets (Nimbus video):


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