Monday, April 18, 2011

Living Legends - Legendary Music, Vol. 1 [2006]

Living Legends is a loose collective of MCs from around the world. With this album, they are even looser than usual, as many of the songs, such as "Artsy" are from solo artists within the collective (in this case the Grouch). Anywho, this album is the tits, I was going to suggest one song to look at, but they are all too good to put one above another.

1.Aesop - 'Moving at the Speed of Life' (feat. Slug) 
2.Lucky - 'Another Day' (feat. Marty James)
3.Grouch - 'Artsy' 
4.Bicasso - 'She's The One'
5.Sunspot Jonz - 'Purple Kush'
6.Murs - 'Love You Like This'
7.Lucky - 'Rap, Rap, Rap' 
8.Bicasso - 'Think Big' 
9.3 Melancholy Gypsys - '2010'
10.Scarub - 'Close To You' (feat. Nesa Wright)
11.Grouch & Eligh - 'Remember Who You Are' 

Legendary Music, Vol. 1 [Explicit]

Moving at the Speed of Life...


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