Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Chicharones - When Pigs Fly [2005]

   The Chicharones are a duo of MCs consisting of Sleep (of Oldominion) and Josh Martinez. I found out about these guys from Pandora, when Little by Little came up, and after that, I had to look up the rest. The intro is good, the lyrics are strong, and the production is pretty good.


  1.    Intro
  2.    Pork Rind Disco
  3.    Surf Rock
  4.    Little By Little
  5.    Breaking Point 
  6.    Fiesta
  7.    Freeze Up
  8.    Ring Ring
  9.    Bully Bully
  10.  Guys Like Me
  11.  Red Carpet Treatment
  12.  Can't Find The Time
  13.  Keep It Moving
  14.  Take It Easy  DJ Moves (Moves)


Little by Little:


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