Monday, May 16, 2011

Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass [2007]

It's hard to describe or label Aesop Rock with a short description. He's white and raps fast-ish, and with tricky wording. It's easier to just listen.

1. Keep Off The Lawn
2. None Shall Pass
3. Catacomb Kids
4. Bring Back Pluto
5. Fumes
6. Getaway Car (feat. Cage and Breeze Brewin)
7. 39 Thieves
8. The Harbor is Yours
9. Citronella
10. Gun For The Whole Family (feat. El-P)
11. Five Fingers
12. No City
13. Dark Heart News (feat. Rob Sonic)
14. Coffee (feat. John Darnielle)


None Shall Pass:


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