Monday, May 9, 2011

Asher Roth - Asleep In the Bread Aisle [2009]

It's easy to write off Asher Roth. There are many reasons to do so as well. You can say he is a sellout, or a shitty rapper that just talks about parties and girls, or that he is a fake Eminem. Whatever you chose, just take a second and listen to the other songs on his album. He is actually a skilled rapper who does pretty well on the rest of the album. Also the production is pretty good if you ask me. At least listen to the songs posted.

1. Lark on My Go Cart (prod. by Oren Yoel and David Appleton)
2. Blunt Cruisin (prod. by Oren Yoel)
3. I Love College (prod. By Mike Carren and Ben Allen)
4. La Di Da (prod. By Don Cannon)
5. Be By Myself Feat. Cee-Lo (prod. by Oren Yoel)
6. She Don’t Want A Man (prod. by Oren Yoel)
7. Sour Patch Kids (prod. by Oren Yoel)
8. As I Em (prod. by Oren Yoel and David Appleton)
9. Lion's Roar (feat Busta Rhymes)10. Bad Day Feat. Jazze Pha (prod. by Oren Yoel and David Appleton)
11. His Dream Feat. Miguel (prod. by Yoel)
12. Fallin
13. Perfectionist
14. The Lounge
15. Y.O.U. (feat Slick Rick)

Asleep In The Bread Aisle [Explicit]

Sour Patch Kids:



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