Friday, February 24, 2012

M.i - The Coldplay Sessions [2012]

It took a long time. After a long time, the highly anticipated Coldplay Sessions is here. Following up the Jack Johnson Sessions' use of samples from one artist, Coldplay Sessions Coldplay. Believe it. Its a pretty good album, but it kinda sounds like M.i is trying to find a label to cling to, and I wouldn't say its as good as the JJS. Worthwhile listen.

Track listing:

01. Above the Stars
02. Politik 
03. Paradise
04. NoThing
05. No Poem or Song
06. Bubble (ft. Scienze)
07. Crawl Back
08. Amsterdam
09. Go
10. My Song (ft. Lady A)
11. Stoned
12. Be Good to You
13. In My Head
14. Demons (ft. LQ)
15. Fade [prod. Tyler Keyes]


Crawl Back:

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