Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sage Francis - Li(f)e [2010]

Sage Francis is wacky. He's a spoken word poet as well as a great emcee, and you can hear his spoken-wordness in a lot of his songs. That among other things make this album far from a "rap" album. Many of the beats on this album are live-instrument indie songs, straying far from the 16 bars-chorus-16 bars routine that makes up a lot of rap music. Sage does well, and tackles some uncomfortable topics on this album, but he flows so comfortably over the music that its all good.

01. Little Houdini (6:45)
02. Three Sheets To The Wind (3:30)
03. I Was Zero (4:18)
04. Slow Man (3:38)
05. Diamonds and Pearls (4:02)
06. Polterzeitgeist (4:04)
07. The Baby Stays (3:40)
08. 16 Years (3:45)
09. Worry Not (3:19)
10. London Bridge (2:09)
11. Love The Lie (3:13)
12. The Best of Times (5:33)

The Best of Times:

I Was Zero:

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