Thursday, February 16, 2012

Watsky & Mody - Watsky & Mody [2012]

New Watksy! Needless to say, I'm excited. So excited that I actually posted for the first time in months. Sorry about that, 5 followers.
    Anywho, Watsky decided to go in a completely different direction with this album. In his words, the album is a "bluegrass, folk rock, hip hop album." Watsky does what he does on this album, and he does it well. From fast rapping to spoken word poetry, its in this album, and its backed by all live instruments. I'm not a fan of the skits between the songs, but the album is really fresh, and a good listen if you're bored of rap. Best of all, it's free and released on his website. Yeehaw.

01. Mody on the Turnpike
02. Man of Constant Sorrow ft. Dylan Saunders
03. Kick Monday ft. Wax
04. Mrs. Robinson ft. Danny McClain
05. Ghost Party w/ Mieka Pauley
06. Mody at the Divebar

Man of Constant Sorrow:

Ghost Party:

Pick it up for free, just like all music these days:

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