Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grieves - Together/Apart [2011]

From Rhymesayers:
"Together/Apart is the highly anticipated Rhymesayers debut album fromGrieves coming June 21st, 2011. Teaming up with longtime friend and producerBudo, Together/Apart is an album infused with soulful horns, keys, and guitar. Lyrically, the album encompasses both the difficulties and joys of maintaining professional and personal relationships when on the road and back at home."

I've personally been waiting for this album since the announcement of the album, so its been a while. A quick listen through quickly told me that it delivers in full. My only gripe about this album is that pretty much every song sounds the same. Its kind of like the TV show house, it follows a formula, and you know what's coming, but its still a good use of time. check it out

01. Lightspeed
02. Bloody Poetry
03. Falling From You
04. On The Rocks
05. Sunny Side Of Hell
06. Tragic
07. Boogie Man
08. Pressure Cracks
09. No Matter What
10. Vice Grip
11. Heartbreak Hotel
12. Speak Easy
13. Prize Fighter
14. Wild Thing
15. Growing Pains
16. Against The Bottom


Bloody Poetry:

Together/Apart [Explicit]


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