Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cool Calm Pete - Lost [2006]

Cool Calm Pete is a korean-american rapper/producer. Lost is his only official studio album as of now. However, more mixtapes and such are out if you're willing to find them. He raps slowishly and uses a doom-esque amount of sampling in his album. Make sure to check it out especially if you're lost.

1. Intro 
2. Lost 
3. The List 
4. Cloudy 
5. Wind Spirits 
6. Cool Calm Science 
7. F@#$%&!*k Yooouu (ft. Thirstin Howl & Lathia Black) 
8. 2 a.m. 
9. New Jack Biddie (ft. Jaymanila & Jungle Mike) 
10. Tune In 
11. Lost Interlude 
12. Dinner And A Movie 
13. Brush P.S.A. (ft. Jungle Mike) 
14. Wishes and Luck

Lost The Album [Explicit]



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