Monday, June 27, 2011

Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens [2007]

Los Angeles rapper Blu hooked up with producer Exile for this album, which became known as somewhat of a hip-hop classic. Exile produced the entire album, and Blu provides all the vocals, and boy does he provide. If you dont have it already, check it out.

01. My World Is
02. The Narrow Path
03. Simply Amazin'
04. Juicen' Dranks
05. In Remembrance Of Me
06. Blu Cola Workers
07. Dancing In The Rain
08. First Things First
09. No Greater Love
10. Show Me The Good Life
11. Simply Amazin'
12. Cold Hearted
13. The World Is (Below the Heavens)
14. You Are Now In The Clouds With (The Koochie Monstas)
15. I Am...

Below the Heavens [Explicit]

Blu Colla Workers:

My World Is:


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