Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SonReal - Good Morning [2008]

1. A New Man
2.She Gotta Be Loved
3.Dear You Feat Promise
4.Ain’t Much Really
5.All My Life Feat DJ Extremidiz
7.Upside Down Feat Promise
8.Asleep Feat Renaissance
9. Weather
10. Can’t Awake
11.How You Feel
12.Too Late To Be Happy Feat Elohim Marino, Tassnata
13.One Of Them Days
14.Keep Shinin’ Feat N.I.F.T.Y, Promise
15.Oh My Feat John Wilson

Sorry about the break. Now where was I.... In my opinion, this is SonReal's best album(Aside from The Stroll). Since making the Stroll, he has gone on to be all mac millery (Not that there's anything wrong with that). Back to the point, on this album, he maintains a pretty nice acoustic sound, especially on songs like Oh My and A New Man. One of them days breaks it up with some ratatat, but it still works. He touches on all kinds of topics, and the album has a really nice flow to it.

Oh My (Ft. John Wilson):

One Of Them Days:

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